Live-streamed classes are back!


Our next class is Tuesday at 10:30AM – click here to register.


My name is Ryan and I host live-streamed music classes for babies, toddlers, little kids, big kids – everyone is invited!

While nothing completely replaces the experience of live interaction, keeping a song in your heart and a smile on your face can be very helpful in getting through all this extra time at home.

My classes are a bit different than your ordinary online music class. For starters, my classes are all high-definition. No more fuzzy, grainy, or hard-to-hear live streams!

Additionally, I cannot see your children, your house, or your bathrobe! No need to clean up the living room – watch how and wherever you’d like.

I may not be able to see my audience, however I give the impression I am communicating directly with your child. I give tons of shout-outs and ask lots of questions. Parents have the option of typing in responses, and many times the children are amazed I can “hear” what they’re saying. It’s truly their own personalized music class.

All of my classes remain available after they are streamed, so your child will be able to watch the classes as many times as they please. So even if you happen miss the stream, it will still be available to view.

My classes have been growing in popularity. In fact, they were just featured on the Today Show with Hoda Kotb and ABC7 Eyewitness News! And you can try a completely free class – just sign up below.

Hope to see you soon!


Try a live-streamed class for free. Sign up now!

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“Ryan makes magic!” – Hoda Kotb

Some instruments we’ll be using:

To get the most from these classes, I recommend setting your child up with some instruments so they can play along. These are not a requirement of course, but they make the class much more dynamic if your child has something play along with me.

Shakers – Anything that rattles will do. Or if you want the authentic shaker experience, you could order some shaker eggs.

Sticks – Wooden spoons will work just fine! Here are also two pairs of sticks.

Scarves – Silk scarves work very well. You can also order a 12-pack here.

Instruments – Any drums or tambourines will be great for our jam sessions. Pots and pans are good, too!

Snuggle Buddies – For our lullabies – any stuffed animal will work just fine.

Take a look at our students – no one’s missing a beat!

Try a live-streamed class for free. Sign up now!