About Ryan

I am a self-taught musician and singer-songwriter from Silver Spring, Maryland. I joined Music for Aardvarks as a teacher two years ago and was a little suspicious my new-found job was simply too good to be true. It wasn’t long before I realized I had stumbled upon what I consider to be the best day-job on the planet – introducing children to the world of music.

It really doesn’t get much better than sharing in the experience of a child first discovering music. Every day, no matter how I’m feeling when I walk through the door, I leave completely refreshed and inspired by these kids. To use my gifts to contribute toward the development of a child, that is really a blessing and something I am humbled to be a part of. I have a hard time calling myself a teacher, because they really do manage to teach me something every day.

A few things that make my classes special: Number one, I like funky music. So we have a lot of dance parties getting down to the Bee Gees and Earth Wind and Fire, as well as the funkier Music for Aardvarks tunes. Number two, I am not bashful when it comes to dancing to said music, so if you happen to find yourself in one of my classes, be prepared for some moves you’ve never seen before. You may steal them if you like, but use them at your own discretion because they cannot be replicated. And number three, I make it my mission to make every child smile, every class. And that includes the big kids – yes, that means you!

Ryan has since launched his own franchise and continues to write and perform music.

Watch Ryan in action below!